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When the Beginning Becomes the End: Supporting Families through Miscarriage, Infant Loss, and Abortion

WHEN: Saturday, April 6, 2019

TIME: 1-5 PM

WHERE: The Bedouin Tent at Acupunktrix

COST: 125 dollars SPACE IS LIMITED TO 10 PARTICIPANTS! Click HERE for tickets

Miscarriage, abortion, and infant loss are often suffered through in isolation. This intensive workshop is intended to lift the veil of silence, while fostering practical skills for birth and death workers who would like to better support their clients, friends, and families during these often lonely and misunderstood experiences. Tamara Rettino, LAc, MSOM will guide practitioners through providing doula care at the time of miscarriage/abortion or infant loss, including : emotional support, pain relief measures, nutritional supplementation, resources, lactation cessation, meaningful rituals, and emotional and physical aftercare. Jill Schock, MTS will discuss creating a home funeral for still born babies or those that die in infancy. Topics covered will include: logistics involved in having a hospital born baby release to the family and how to transport the baby home, obtaining and completing the necessary paperwork, how to care for the deceased baby in the home environment, conducting a home funeral, burial/dispensation of remains options, and supporting the family in their time of grief. There will be one 30 minute break for snacks and casual discussions with other participants, and a printed booklet and resource guide will be provided. Special Note About the Location: Please note the bedouin tent is, literally, a tent, albeit a very large one. It has cushions and floor seating. You must duck (or use a wheelchair to roll on in). The bathroom is located in the adjacent century old rental house. There are two steps up and a narrow door. If you need accommodation, please let us know and we will do our best to make the space accessible for you.

Click HERE for tickets