End-of-life patient advocacy

  • Explore choices and decision making at end-of-life

  • Clarification of needs and how to facilitate them

  • Works directly for patient/client

  • Guidance through health care system, Palliative Care and Hospice

  • Facilitates communication with health care providers and family.

client and Family Counseling

  • Facilitate important conversations in a compassionate way

  • Clarify the clients end-of-life wishes

  • Promote a deeper understanding of emotions involved with dying

  • Understanding family dynamics

  • Education of what to expect during the dying process

  • Life review

home funerals and green Burial 

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  • Family directed

  • After death care of body such as washing, dressing, placement, and cooling

  • Extended viewing or vigil with body at home

  • Environmentally friendly burial and cremation resources

  • Full body burial at sea



Living Funerals and goodbye parties

  • Living funerals offer the client an opportunity to design their own goodbye party.

  • Designed to hold space for one-on-one time for client and invited guests

  • Living funerals help to facilitate a healthier mode of grieving for the client and their loved ones

  • Promotes closure for the dying


specialized cancer and ALZHEIMER'S/ Dementia support

  • Understanding end-of-life process of Alzheimer's/Dementia and different Cancers

  • Family/Client coping and decision making

  • Coordinating caregivers, facilities, and options for care.

  • Regular visits can be provided to monitor changes in condition


End-of-life planning

  • How to save money

  • Advanced Directives

  • Mortuary and funeral arrangements

  • Addressing after death body care

  • Signs and symptoms of dying


Medical aid in dying (california only)

  • Finding a prescribing Doctor and pharmacy

  • Education on forms and process

  • Coordination with hospice team

  • Advocate/Doula able to be in attendance at request