Death Doula [LA]


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Death Doula LA is a unique in-home service offered to help patients and their families
who face the overwhelming challenges at end-of-life.   

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Photo Credit: Robert Mann


Jill Schock received a Master’s Degree in Ethics and Theology from Vanderbilt University, and was trained and certified as a Clinical Chaplain, or Spiritual Counselor. She is a spiritual (but not religious) multi-faith minister who specifically tends to those facing end of life.   

Jill is a native to Los Angeles, California and has a deep love for the City of Angels.  She’s lived there most of her life, leaving only to be educated in the South.  After receiving a BA in History, Jill worked at the Mordecai Historic House in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

It was during her time there she was first impacted by death.  Her experiences then lead her to pursue her Master's Degree and career in end-of-life care.  With a benevolent work ethic, years of clinical experience and unique personal background, Jill is an exceptional guide to those facing end of life.