Death Doula [LA]


Guide, advocate, end-of-life professional   

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Jill Schock is a Los Angeles native with a decade of experience in end-of-life care. She believes in empowering her clients to step away from the negative stigma of death and embrace choice and style as end-of-life approaches.

A “death doula” is someone who serves as a guide, an advocate, and experienced professional for patients and their families facing end-of-life.

Death Doula services range from pre-planning to after-death care. Jill is also available for those who choose medical aid in dying, which is currently legal in California. See services tab for more information.

Jill received a Master’s Degree in Ethics and Theology from Vanderbilt University and was trained and certified as a Clinical Chaplain, or Spiritual Counselor.

With a benevolent work ethic, her years of clinical experience and unique personal background, Jill is an exceptional guide to those facing end of life.