Why hire a doula?

There are many options meant to help people facing end of life.  Hospice care is a common one, and while Hospice can offer you the basic clinical services covered by Medicare, it won't cover the personal details that your death deserves.  Hiring a doula is a unique decision that offers a more holistic approach to end of life. Each client will have their own way of approaching death.  A doula can help you discern what those needs are and help you facilitate them. 

Patient and Family Counseling

Counseling helps to facilitate important conversations in a compassionate way.  We promote the clarifying of our clients needs, and the deeper understanding of emotions involved with dying, as it happens.

home funerals and green Burial Options

WHO do you want handling your body after you die? HOW do you want your body prepared for its final rest?  What if, your body could give back to the earth after you are gone? What if, you could also save a lot of money in the process?

Death Doula L.A. helps you explore all of these questions while connecting you to your local green funeral resources.  

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Living Funerals

We encourage our clients to think outside the box when it comes to funerals.  You might consider setting tradition on the shelf, and ask yourself what YOU want your funeral to be like, and we will help create it.  Death Doula L.A. specializes in "Living Funerals," meaning you would attend your own funeral!  Over the years we've noticed that the clients who take advantage of this service not only have a healthier grieving process, but they are completely at peace when their time comes.  Our clients are encouraged to celebrate their time on earth and let go, knowing their life is complete. 


Grief and Bereavement Support

Grief/Bereavement support will be available to families after the passing of a loved one.  Please reach out if you need us.  There is NO SHAME in grieving, no matter how weird it gets


Advanced Health Care Directives

Death Doula L.A. has a comprehensive understanding of Health Care Directives and can help you fill them out.  This document is VERY IMPORTANT when outlining your health care decisions.  It speaks for you when you are unable to speak for yourself. 


patient advocacy & Navigation of Health Care System


Diagnosis, test results, blood work, trips to the doctor, treatment's MESSY!

With years of clinical experience we advocate for you and will help you sort through the system to get what you need from it.